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Massage Therapy and Cupping

Massage Therapy is one of the oldest treatment in human history which was using for Fever, Paresis, and Pain. It sometimes considered as a form of inactive exercise. Massage Therapy is hand-on manipulation of the soft tissue, muscles, ligaments, tendons, and joint to open vascular channels and improve health. Nowadays we have more than 80 different kind of it.

There are several studies which show the benefit of Massage Therapy and how it is an effective treatment for decreasing pain, muscle tension, stiffness,  and stress. It can promote relaxation and improve sleep quality as well.

The most important effect of Massage Therapy is increasing blood and lymphatic circulation to remove toxins from metabolic reactions in the body and ultimately promote immune system, while reducing heart rate and blood pressure. In addition it improves stress related conditions like depression and anxiety, headache, repetitive stress injuries (RSI), and chronic fatigue syndrome.

Massage Therapy has five different techniques or strokes:

  • Effleurage

  • Friction

  • Petrissage

  • Tampotement

  • Vibrations

It is recommended to avoid Massage Therapy in following conditions:

  • Fever

  • Inflammation

  • Infection

  • Thrombosis

  • Hepatitis

  • Skin disorder

  • Open wounds

  • Some chronic diseases 

  • Pregnancy

Cupping is an adjunctive treatment which mostly use with Massage Therapy to release stiffness and increase circulation. 

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